When there is a task at hand for bird control nowadays you have the ability to use the latest technological advances. We all love nature and the beauties it can show us. In fact there are not a lot of people who do not like birds. They are without a doubt some of the most beautiful animals on our planet. The way they fly alone can fill us with a sense of wonder and even mysticism. Yet, even though these beautiful animals are generally beloved unfortunately they are considered pest by many different industries. Or even worse are considered dangerous when it comes to aviation. That there have been many forms of bird control in the past doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement when it comes to this extremely important business.

If you’re looking for a new, innovative and cruelty free form of bird control than you’ll find that we are the one who can help you with that: Clear Flight Solutions. We offer a form of bird control that will leave you as breathless watching our work in action as you would be when nature itself deals with birds. We utilise aspects of nature itself to scare away birds from places where they are considered a pest by using state of the art technology.

A new form of bird control

As stated before there is no shortage on forms of bird control. What is it then that makes our method so innovative. In short it is because we utilise drones as a way of discouraging birds from settling down in certain places or even use certain routes while flying like for example when they are migrating.

It would be an understatement to say we use two forms of drones. All though mostly correct albeit severely understated. Our services can go beyond simply acting as bird control. Research is often required to figure out how to properly deal with a certain problem. We can use our drones in specific ways dependable on your needs. You can think of wildlife surveying or uses concerning agriculture.

We’ll help you out

When it’s concerning bird control there are several different goals to accomplish. Farmers for example don’t like it when their crops are being devastated. Windmill farms are faced with a bird problem as well. Although for very different reasons. In fact our services align perfectly with there goals when it comes to bird control. By chasing them away in a manner that won’t harm them and will word for a longer if not permanent time you can save many bird lives. Maybe the farmer isn’t that concerned with the wellbeing of these animals. But in general managing to get rid of birds without harming them is by far the way to go.

To accomplish this we use our second from of drone. Designed and developed specifically by us we scare of birds by using a drone that mimics either a Peregrine Falcon or a Eagle.

Bird control by using our custom made realistic drone predators

The drones we use are live like. They have the same size, colouring, and weight of their natural counterparts. Off course they achieve flight by flapping there wings. The two birds of prey we utilise are specifically chosen to mimic the targeted birds greatest threat.

In combination with our knowledge and the careful exploration of the bird problem you’re experiencing we manage to deal effectively with your bird trouble. Want to learn more about our services and the way we deal with bird problems? Don’t hesitate to contact us with any question you might have.

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