Students from Holland and various other countries choose for a bachelor business administration in Leiden. In the academic capital of Holland you can be taught on the highest level in business administration in the Netherlands. That’s why many future professionals start their career with a bachelor business administration in Leiden.

Holland is a traditional high ranking country in university grades. Leiden is at the forefront of academic life in Europe. Students love this nice medieval town near the Schiphol Airport. Dutch professors at the courses of bachelor business administration in Leiden are top notch experts who make the Dutch business university and its education system at an international acclaimed height. The Netherlands are in the centre of the European business and trade market. A bachelor business administration in Leiden guarantees you an exceptionally strong preparation in business and sales.

Choose for excellence with a bachelor business administration in Leiden

The start of your career in economics and business can’t be better than a bachelor business administration in Leiden. It delivers you excellence in all business-related disciplines, like finance, international business, marketing and business law. Optional you can choose a specific specialization, as well in bachelor business administration in Leiden as in a master setting.

The bachelor business administration in Leiden frequently collaborates with Dutch companies of international fame. The business university realizes a solid career in sales and business can not only be launched by books and college. Together with cooperation of top-billing Dutch and European companies within a few years you can start a great career in business. Former students of the bachelor business administration in Leiden have great early-career earnings, high above average other graduate mid-career salaries.

Great connection opportunities for your next study

When you finished a bachelor at a Dutch business university, you will get excellent connection opportunities for a following study in Holland or elsewhere in Europe. Like other business universities you may use the abbreviation ‘bc’ after graduating in a bachelor business administration course.

The academic business education in the Netherlands delivers you various skills, like negotiation tactics, business analysis, the use of online tools, accountancy or statistic and financial analysis. Check the websites of universities for rankings and information about degree requirements. After graduating as a bachelor you are ready for a final phase in a master degree.

Some general universities in Holland offer a field of study opportunities. In Leiden you’ll find an upper-level business university like the Webster University Leiden, the Dutch department of this widely known and internationally acclaimed business administration and management schools the business heart of Europe.